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JR1190 Splash Swim Buddy display of 12 assorted pull string swimmers.  Tub or pool fun for $3.99 each.

GI77 Balsa Wood Glider display.  48 gliders, 12 each of four styles, $2.9, $3.19, $3.29 and $3.89

JR350 Air Foam Sport Ball  Mini footballs, basketballs and soccer balls in a 12 pack display.  $2.99 each retail.

JR3005 Marble display of 12 bags of pegable marbles. Can be used as a peg item or a base item.  $1.99 each.

JR222 Midi Water Gun display is packed 12.  Available in pegable packages in a medium size for $1.89 each.

Displays maximize sales visual impact for your customers.  Toys, gifts or emergency lighting all come in displays for instant sales appeal.

JR1401 Wooden Puzzle display, packed 24. Two assorted puzzles, US maps or alphabet.

Retail $2.99

JR220 Micro Squirt Guns in a display of 24.  These are pegable and available in individual pieces at $1 retail each.

JR224 Maxi Water Gun display of 12.  These large pegable water guns are available in individual pieces for $2.79.