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LA110 Chamber Oil Lamp featuring a glass handle for a vintage look.  12 inches tall and in an open faced gift box. $14.99

PP02020 Cap light with batteries included.  Super bright LED light bar.  $8.29 retail.

PP02049 Mini Brite Lantern with dimmable LED bulbs.  Batteries are included  Retail$8.29

LA223 Classic Lamp by Lamplight has a frosted base and a flared chimney.  It is 13 and 1/2 " tall and is in an open faced gift box.  $12.99

PP02033 30 LED Camping Lantern with handle is dimmable and super bright.  Retail $14.99

PP02032 12 LED Camping Lantern that is dimmable.  Batteries are included.  Retail $8.99

PP00386 Alpine Key Ring with lots of bling.  Compact size but lots of LED light.  Batteries are included.  Retail $3.99

LA330 Ellipse Oil Lamp in an open faced gift box.  14 inches tall with a round grooved base. $14.99

PP02002  Glow in the dark flashlight in four colors.  9 LED bulbs give off lots of light. 

Retail $3.99

Indoor/outdoor Lanterns