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TPX9576 Santa Head

Ornament   $4.89

PFZ5137198 Covered Snowman Mug

Gift Boxed  $4.99.

PFZ5101702 Chip and Dip Platter Gift Boxed $10.99

PFZ5138622 Snowman Mug $3.99.

PFZ5138623  Santa Mug $3.99

TPX7164 Vehicle Ornament

$4.69 each

SBRS1003  Brass Sensor

Candle $4.99

PFZ5137213 Covered Santa Mug

Gift boxed $4.99

Image not available

PFZ5137246 Santa Bowl  $3.99

OBCIS974  17" wide Cut Tin Welcome Sign  with yarn covered hanger.  $5.99

Christmas lights, window candles, ornaments,

ornament hooks, cards, and gifts.

SBRS1000 Electric Brass

Candle 3.99

SBRS1002  Brass Timer

Candle $4.99

TPX8377 Acrylic Santa/Snowman ornament in 3 styles. $6.59

PFZ5138887 Glass Snowman Tray

Gift Boxed $11.99

PFZ5118097 4 pc. Kitchen Set Gift boxed  $11.99

TPX8815 Nutcracker

Ornament  4.99 each.

LR407057 Large Santa Cookie Jar $22.99

TPX8367 Sparkle Snowflake Ornament in acrylic with 

glitter  $4.69 each

TPX7859 Icy Twig Ornament  3 assorted styles 3 1/2" to 8" tall  $5.69

LR307096D 3 of 1 color in acetate box $3.99 or LR307096 for one piece $1.19 each

LR407367 Cookie Jar 2 styles assorted

$15.49 each

Image not available.

Image not available

SBTAT18 Ornaments with LED lighting 12 styles.  $7.99