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JR5103 Children's horseshoe game for backyard fun.  Retail $6.99

AM1500 8" sand castle mold pail and shovel.  Two assorted shapes.  Retail $2.69

AM2230 Assorted sand castle molds in bright colors. Retail $1.39 each.

AM2580  American madeplasticwheelbarrow  sized for a 3 to 6 year old.  Retail $9.29 each

AM1600 Jumbo castle mold pail and shovel.  Two assorted shapes and bright colors. Retail $3.99 each.

JR5104 Volley set includes two racketsand two birdiesRetails for $6.79

JR1035 Rad Flying Disc in bright colors.  Official .size and weight disc. Retail $5.99

JR2900 Classic Pinwheels in bright metallic colors.  24 pieces in display. Available by the piece.  $1.89 each

AM2600 Nesting Lawnmower for 1 1/2 to 6 year old.  American made in bright colors.  Retail $9.99 each

AM7900 16" Plastic dump truck in bright colors for carrying heavy loads around the sand box.  Retail $10.99 each

Summer toys, swim toys and plastic beach toys.

AM2460 Sand and Water Wheel with shovel, rake, sifter and water wheels for hours of fun in bright colors.  Retail $8.99

AM6920 Boat assortment in bright colors for hours of water play.  Retail $2.39 each

AM2400 Little sprinkler just for little hands. Retail $1.99 each

AM2220 Beach basket set with bucket, shovel, molds and a basket to hold everything.  Basket lid acts as a sifter and the basket has big easy grip handles.  Retail  $14.79

JR224 Mega Squirt Gun is the largest clear plastic gun and is pegable.  $2.79 each

AM127 Big beach shovel in assorted colors.  retail $1.99

JR222 Midi Squirt gun in bright plastic, pegable packaging. $1.89 retail each

JR1190 Swim buddy, turtles and ducks for tub or pool fun. Pull the string and watch them go.  $3.99 retail each.  Display or singles.

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AM1230 Deluxe garden set in bright colors is 28" tall and suitable for 1 1/2 to  6 year olds.  American made.  Retail $5.99 for the set of 3 pieces.

AM4000 Little chubby construction vehicles for smaller hands.  Bright colors and American made.  Retail $5.29 each

AM6950 Deluxe boat assortment in bright colors.  Retail $5.29 each

AM3880 Assorted construction vehicles in realistic colors.  Retail $7.99 each

A 4 foot set up of Summer swim toys.