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PG70109 Girls bright neon ski hat, 4 assorted colors   $1.99

PG70155 Touch Gloves Assorted colors  $1.99

PG70010 Plain ski hat in assorted dark colors $1.99

PG70011 Insulated rag wool hat with snowflake design $1.99

PG70200 Boys assorted ski hat.  Patterns may vary $1.99

PG70152 Men's knit gloves $1.99

Hats and gloves for the coldest Winter days.  Modestly priced knit and fleece gloves and ski hats for the family.

PG70090 Men's Ski gloves  in assorted colors  $1.99

PG70050 Men's insulated fleece gloves $1.99

PG70020 Men's/Boy's blaze orange hat that is insulated for extra warmth and hunting safety.  $1.99